How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Mapquest.

Well, we had some hellacious fun at the Save the Milestone benefit at the World Famous Milestone on June 3rd (Please go help.  Anything you can contribute is appreciated to keep the iconic old bird open  Always an honor to play that stage.  Since then it's been practice, practice, practice as we polish up our songs for.... Drumroll..... Our 2nd album!  We'll be recording at Old House Studios in August and couldn't be more excited.  Fine-tuning the tracklist, thinking about the name and cover art... We are beyond stoked!  

This album is for you as much as it is for us and would not be possible without you.  From the bottom of Wes' black heart to the bottom of Jonny's strangely aromatic beard, we thank you for all the support! 


On a somber note, Florida has seen some really heartbreaking tragedies this week.  Our hearts and thoughts are with all the victims and their families.  Give someone a hug. We all could use it this week.



with love, 



They Happened Upon a Cave....

We had a great time with Hearts and Daggers out at The Cave in Chapel Hill this past weekend. Those guys always put on a great show, and as I told Kevin (lead singer) when they started playing "Daddy Said", I may have jumped up and started squawling. It was a little light on the crowd, but we had a great time, and the folks there did as well. Thanks again to Hearts and Daggers for throwing down with us.

Now, on to this week...

Friday June 3 - The Milestone Benefit Show @ The Milestone, Featuring:
Take the Fall
Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves
The Menders
Dear Kavalier
Between Symmetries

This is going to be an insane show!!! Not to be missed!!! Also, announced today, we are going to be a part of Carolina Jubilee 2016!! It's a benefit 2-day show put on by the Carolina Farm Trust (click on their name to learn more) featuring: Sinners & Saints, The High Divers, Stolen Hearts, Amigo, She Returns From War, and the list goes on...Carolina Jubilee 2016 is Sept 30 and Oct 1. at Van Hoy Farms in Harmony, NC. So go check out their site and get informed about sustainable living and growing practices, along with some awesome music!!!

I know, I know this blog has been terribly long and full of info and links...Bear with me people...Stay tuned later this week we've got some news on the Recording front for the new album. What you can expect, when we're going into studio, where...all that good stuff. Coming up later this week!! Come hang out Friday, Support The Milestone, Support Local music!!!
We Love y'all!!


Wesless at Snug

Well, as Monday reaffirms its place as "Day Everyone Hates," we are proud to say our show at Snug Harbor went much better than expected.  Our resident curmudgeon, Wes, was taking care of his dear sweet mama (things are much better now) and was unable to make it to the show.  Family is always first for us, and the three of us considered not playing without our Wesley on stage to flail and lose his glasses.  We decided the show must go on, and what a show it was!   


The Fat Face Band were incredible. Got everyone in good spirits and grooving to some beautiful jazz.  Definitely going to be seeing more of those guys.  We were up next, and while we were a little uncomfortable being one perpetually angry man down, I'm proud of how we did. The crowd was amazing and we had a damn blast! The Loudermilks closed the night out with their brand of magic.  Always a pleasure to see those guys kill it. 


This Saturday we're at The Cave in Chapel Hill for the first time with Hearts and Daggers.  If you're in the area, come out!  I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it's going to be the greatest single night in human history.  





Augusta survived, So did we. Friday the 13th.

The Stillwater Taproom in Augusta, GA is by far one of the best damn places to play. From the nice staff to the amazing selection of beer...It's just an all around fine time. We played with The Black Iron Gathering, if you haven't heard them click on that will not be disappointed. Those rag-tag band of misfits are from Columbia, SC...and we'll be doing a lot more with them in the future so keep your ear to the ground.

The trip was great, albeit, a bit unorthodox...but great. A short list to describe the trip, yet retain everyone's attention (in no particular order):
1) Discovered Alcoholic Ice Cream (thank you SC...that mess is 7% ABV)
2) Made it 2 1/2 hours across 2 states never touching an interstate
3) Discovered Riverwatch Brewery's Cautionary Tale IPA...damn good.
4) The band forgot to pick me (Wes) up and left without me...I know I'm small but Jesus...
5) Learned which Econo Lodge to not stay in, in Augusta (we picked the right one for once)
6) I apparently snore louder than should be humanly possible...
7) A $5 cover offends the daylights outta some folks (how dare anyone get paid for playing)
8) The band needs no more than 4 1/2 hours of sleep to start the journey again...
9) You can hear the trains horns at 2am, 4am, and at 6am.
10) Phil, at a certain point in the night...will try to check ID's at the door, and inevitably piss someone off. :)

So, we'll see you kids this weekend at Snug Harbor in Charlotte. We'll be sharing the stage with The Loudermilks and Fat Face Band. It's gonna be a great one!! Hope you guys can make it out! Have a great week!!!


Exciting Things!

Finally.. We have a website!  Another piece of technology for Jonny to not understand..  

Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.  Please share the site on all the various social media platforms, carrier pigeon, Native American smoke signals, however you see fit.   

We have a lot of great shows coming up and new songs in the works that we are pretty stoked about so keep in touch! Thanks for following our little band of misfits.  It means the world to us.


with love,



**New Website**


So, We finally did it. Took the time, spent a little cash and we now have ourselves a proper website! A one stop shop for all things The Menders. Please take some time browse, you'll find photos, video, music, general nonsensical rantings of 4 fellas who love what they do.

This particular area, I believe, will be used for updates with shows, questions for you guys, a space to let you know what's going on with studio, shows on the road, and just general info. Also, feel free to ask questions as well (be nice, or we'll boot your ass)!!

Love you guys, and we'll see you soon!!