Wesless at Snug

Well, as Monday reaffirms its place as "Day Everyone Hates," we are proud to say our show at Snug Harbor went much better than expected.  Our resident curmudgeon, Wes, was taking care of his dear sweet mama (things are much better now) and was unable to make it to the show.  Family is always first for us, and the three of us considered not playing without our Wesley on stage to flail and lose his glasses.  We decided the show must go on, and what a show it was!   


The Fat Face Band were incredible. Got everyone in good spirits and grooving to some beautiful jazz.  Definitely going to be seeing more of those guys.  We were up next, and while we were a little uncomfortable being one perpetually angry man down, I'm proud of how we did. The crowd was amazing and we had a damn blast! The Loudermilks closed the night out with their brand of magic.  Always a pleasure to see those guys kill it. 


This Saturday we're at The Cave in Chapel Hill for the first time with Hearts and Daggers.  If you're in the area, come out!  I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it's going to be the greatest single night in human history.