Augusta survived, So did we. Friday the 13th.

The Stillwater Taproom in Augusta, GA is by far one of the best damn places to play. From the nice staff to the amazing selection of beer...It's just an all around fine time. We played with The Black Iron Gathering, if you haven't heard them click on that will not be disappointed. Those rag-tag band of misfits are from Columbia, SC...and we'll be doing a lot more with them in the future so keep your ear to the ground.

The trip was great, albeit, a bit unorthodox...but great. A short list to describe the trip, yet retain everyone's attention (in no particular order):
1) Discovered Alcoholic Ice Cream (thank you SC...that mess is 7% ABV)
2) Made it 2 1/2 hours across 2 states never touching an interstate
3) Discovered Riverwatch Brewery's Cautionary Tale IPA...damn good.
4) The band forgot to pick me (Wes) up and left without me...I know I'm small but Jesus...
5) Learned which Econo Lodge to not stay in, in Augusta (we picked the right one for once)
6) I apparently snore louder than should be humanly possible...
7) A $5 cover offends the daylights outta some folks (how dare anyone get paid for playing)
8) The band needs no more than 4 1/2 hours of sleep to start the journey again...
9) You can hear the trains horns at 2am, 4am, and at 6am.
10) Phil, at a certain point in the night...will try to check ID's at the door, and inevitably piss someone off. :)

So, we'll see you kids this weekend at Snug Harbor in Charlotte. We'll be sharing the stage with The Loudermilks and Fat Face Band. It's gonna be a great one!! Hope you guys can make it out! Have a great week!!!