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'Nina' Release on March 17, 2017


The Menders


“The Menders deliver a range of musical influences that captivate the listener as they weave through genres in seemingly effortless fashion. To experience them live, you might begin the night listening to a modern folk band before you fare shockingly in the presence of a driving, get-the-hell-out-of-my-way rock 'n' roll performance. Every step of the way, you know you are listening to a group of musicians that love what they do.”

- Brett Barest, Anderson Independent Mail, 2016

Based out of Gastonia, NC, The Menders have been blending influences such as the Beatles, Jack White, The Doors, and Doc Watson into a folk-laced garage rock sound. Since 2011, they've been honing their craft around North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.


Vocals, Guitar / Jesse Watson
Vocals, Keyboard / Jonny Boswell
Vocals, Guitar / Wes Forbus
Drums / Phil Anderson



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