How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Mapquest.

Well, we had some hellacious fun at the Save the Milestone benefit at the World Famous Milestone on June 3rd (Please go help.  Anything you can contribute is appreciated to keep the iconic old bird open  Always an honor to play that stage.  Since then it's been practice, practice, practice as we polish up our songs for.... Drumroll..... Our 2nd album!  We'll be recording at Old House Studios in August and couldn't be more excited.  Fine-tuning the tracklist, thinking about the name and cover art... We are beyond stoked!  

This album is for you as much as it is for us and would not be possible without you.  From the bottom of Wes' black heart to the bottom of Jonny's strangely aromatic beard, we thank you for all the support! 


On a somber note, Florida has seen some really heartbreaking tragedies this week.  Our hearts and thoughts are with all the victims and their families.  Give someone a hug. We all could use it this week.



with love,