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“The Menders deliver a range of musical influences that captivate the listener as they weave through genres in seemingly effortless fashion. To experience them live, you might begin the night listening to a modern folk band before you fare shockingly in the presence of a driving, get-the-hell-out-of-my-way rock 'n' roll performance. Every step of the way, you know you are listening to a group of musicians that love what they do.”

- Brett Barest, Anderson Independent Mail, 2016

Based out of Gastonia, NC, The Menders have been blending influences such as the Beatles, Jack White, The Doors, and The Who into a folk-laced garage rock sound. Since 2013, they've been honing their craft around NC, SC, GA, TN and FL at venues such as Neighborhood Theatre, The Visulite, Tin Roof - Charleston, The Hideaway, The Stillwater Taproom and The Cave. Having released 3 previous albums independently (and recording their fourth) The Menders seek to offer their fans and listeners a music experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Vocals, Guitar / Jesse Watson
Vocals, Keyboard / Jonny Boswell
Vocals, Guitar / Wes Forbus
Drums / Phil Anderson
Bass / Garin Hyde



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The Menders / Nina

by The Menders

Lane Claffee
CLTUre Magazine

“The Menders are a truly rare musical act. Hailing from Gastonia, North Carolina, a city often overlooked in terms of being a hub for artistry, the band incorporates elements of folk-punk and rock to create their own distinct sound. Since 2011, The Menders have been putting out their blend of “Jack White meets Doc Watson” garage-folk, and their 2017 full-length, Nina, stays true to that description.”

Becky Huskins
MYCIty Magazine

"It’s a tough call, but I think my favorite song on the record is “Out of the Light” because it combines every element that makes The Menders a true phenomenon: the tender vocal stylings, the powerful driving sound, the garage-style guitars, and story-telling lyrics that paint a dark but beautiful picture. I can also hear some of their local influences in their style like David Childers and The Serpents, Sinners & Saints and Bless These Sounds Under the City."

Mark Kemp
Creative Loafing Charlotte

"On this album, Boswell puts his gurgling shrieks to a few more tracks, including "Like Me Too" and "The Demon." But as much as I admire Boswell's unbridled rock 'n' roll spirit, it wasn't his songs that initially brought me to this story. I was first taken by an acoustic YouTube video of the band doing Watson's "Carolina Highway," a deeply Southern folk song that sounds more like it came out of the Greenwich Village Bleecker Street folk revival of the early '60s."

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